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Battling in the Universe, especially when battling with the Zerg race, it was especially important to calculate the direction that they were going towards. Only through this could they deduct where their possible destination was and therefore ask for reinforcements to wipe out the Zerg army. Otherwise, if they didn’t even know where they would be going, how were their reinforcements supposed to know where to go to and how to snipe them?


A four-meter-tall giant was in a confrontation with a two-meter-tall man, then a 1.75 meters man with a brick in his hand appeared. Although short, his presence was in no way inferior. He even had a Galaxy Aristocrat hanging on his arm… At the sight of this scene, Comrade Luo Qiang, who was ready to resign, could not resist it…


Compared to Little Mihawk, your swords energy is still too weak. As he spoke, Mister Gate dashed forward. He instantly snatched Tianyi up like a chick and held him in his hands. How would you like a concussion?


Hong Dali took another bottle. This was a colorless bottle of white wine, Galaxy Fantasy. He sniffed it pretentiously and said, “This Galaxy Fantasy has a superb taste, but it is lacking in iciness. It must be drunk with a dragon horn cup. Jade adds color, but dragon horns add fragrance. Everything has its purpose!”


Hehe, fight with you, Gate? Im not that The old man lifted his head and clasped his hands behind his back. He smiled and said, However, I think that you will probably give me some face, right?


“Need you to ask?” Mihawk was not bothered at all. “Hang up everything, lock the doors, then we can go challenge the Tower of Trials or sleep and drink. Why bother asking me when you already know that?”

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Soon, the clerk issued the certificate and Ace turned to leave after collecting it. When he had exited the Inspection Office for Honorary Aristocrats Advancement, a young man with half-opened eyes approached him and said, smiling, You are so free to actually come here for the Honorary Aristocrat Advancement. What are you thinking?


“Acka? This name…” Alright, Hong Dali didn’t seem to have any talent in naming at all. Acka was still acceptable, so Tang Muxin instantly nodded and said, “This name is easy to remember!” Saying so, she stretched out her hand and hugged little Acka into her arms. Looking at it left and right, you don’t say, although this little fellow is a little ugly, it was quite interesting to look at…


All right, since the task was completed, he would see what new function it unlocked.


Whats the most important thing when it comes to doing business? Popularity! With popularity, everything is much simpler, right?


Hahahaha! Scott threw his head back and laughed. I said Im powerful, hahaha!


Yes, Grandpa. Jiang Qianxue nodded. This time she considered for a longer time and then she cheered up. Her eyes were once again bright. She smiled and said, I understand now. I know what I should do now.


“That’s true.” The mysterious man nodded. To be honest, he was also very worried. After all, the Galaxy Alliance regarded the Zerg as their biggest enemy, which went to show just how strong the Zerg were. Earth’s current technology could only be regarded as that of a Level Three or Four civilization. Although they had the High-Energy Electronic Collision Machine, it had yet to be proven in battle. The weapons to be used with it had also not been developed yet, so the only weapon they could use against the Zerg were nuclear bombs. However, the power of the nuclear bomb…



They really were recycling and reusing all the unwanted and discarded material. Before long, the seven shops were neatly hacked through. On the ground was a huge water pond connecting all seven stores. The stuff that should be hacked was hacked, and the ones that should be thrown were thrown. Then, they randomly added some sofas and coffee tables. The armor shop was thus complete!



En, first, in order to advance, there are two ways. First, pass level twenty-four of the Tower of Trials and become a yellow-level Honorary Aristocrat. But it would be tough within 1.5 months. The other way is to wait for the assessment test to challenge a yellow-level Honorary Aristocrat. There are risks in this option, and Im not confident. If it were doing business, I could follow and earn a little.


Okay, okay. Hong Dali grinned as he consoled Jiang Qianxue. Lets go. This level sells accessories, let me buy you some. Tell me if you see anything you like. Everyone else can get some too.


“His age is only 35 years old? What a joke.” While gathering information, she also filtered out stuff that she felt was wrong. “Those formidable experts who were already 35 were practically already well-known by everyone, how could it be that such a person only just appeared?” Sending a “the sender of this information is an idiot, no explanations required” reply to this post, she moved on to the next piece of information.

  • Everyone was trying hard to suppress their laughter. It was hilarious. Of course, laughter aside, the job still needed to be done.
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