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The words which sounded like he was talking to himself made Tang Muxins and Li Nianweis faces turn red. But they soon recovered.


The ones with the highest combat power in the guardians of the Galaxy Aristocrats, one of the Nine Sha Luo, a formidable person who was infused with the fire soul stone, Ladi Rhodes.Hellfire!


Good. Very good! Hong Dali was so stressed he sweated all over. It was no joke. Once he sees you, he is sure to be satisfied with you! I guarantee it!


How did they end up together? Jiang Duxing exclaimed. He is one of the three emperors of the Dimu Star Sector space pirates. The most powerful person in the entire Dimu Star Sector is in Shenluo City?


Oh At this moment, Jiang Qianxue was a girl who longed for love and had many hopes. In her mind, falling in love was earth-shattering and exciting every day. But she found that this was not the case in reality. Everyone just did their own things, occasionally shopping together, chatting. It did not feel as exciting as she had envisioned.


Its like this. The abject looking middle-aged man led Hong Dali to a corner and whispered, I saw Young Master buy those few shops. I wanted to ask the Young master if you may be interested in shops selling other things

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Your fist dont have eyes? Mister Gate sneered. He was big and tall. Standing beside the rest, he was like a huge water bucket, extremely scary. The man who threatened everyone was so scared and moved back three steps!


“Hehe, it’s okay.” Hong Dali laughed. “I’m an Honorary Aristocrat, Double Honorary Aristocrat at that. Mother, look at the quality of this cloak, it’s really durable. High-quality material in the universe! Original!”


In fact, Galaxy Aristocrats’ guards like them were usually cocky and unapproachable. But they were different now. Where were they? Shenluo City! The city where the super genius was at! Such a super genius would definitely rise to the top in the future. They did not dare to offend him!


“Hahahaha, kid, you are very courageous.” Mister Gate looked at Hong Dali carefully and suddenly shook his head. “I heard this other kid here call you ‘Boss’. That means you are the little prodigal who paid one hundred and twenty thousand Galaxy Dollars a month for me?”


The Honorary Aristocrats had advancement assessments. In normal times, making small losses and profits wouldn’t really matter. But if he really made a large loss, the stress that Hong Dali would have to face during the advancement assessment wouldn’t be small!


He pulled the System and tapped on Earth. He remembered there was something to extend life-span


He would have to watch Jiang Qianxue. If she fell in love with this super-genius, if this super-genius was not a Galaxy Aristocrat, it would be problematic!



Her dream lover was a hero with an indomitable spirit and one day, he would be stepping on a seven-colored cloud to come and marry her…



“Damn it.” Jiang Qianxue violently shook her head and muttered, “Why did I suddenly think of that prodigal, the difference between him and my hero is way too big, bigger than 100,000 lightyears. Why did I suddenly think of him?”


“About 424.5%.” Lin Chuyin insipidly replied, “The power of the weapons will be improved by quite a bit. It’s a pity that there isn’t any target to experiment on.”


As a result, the format of “30 times a day” became something that people often used in their life. There were even slogans and advertisements like “Drink Milky Way Kidney Treasure, learn from the mysterious man and be a real man, do it 30 times a day”, not sure what it means though…

  • “Bah, country bumpkin.” Hong Dali pursed his lips disdainfully and continued working on the gems.
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